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More fun opportunites coming!

January, 2023


Mermaid Odette will have more to offer this mermaid season with new games, shows, and goodies for parties and events. Customize your next party this mermaid season!


Return of the Mermaids Tucson is getting a change this year!

May 2023

Stay tuned for an update from the Return of the mermaids website.


Water Wonders at Valley of the Moon
June 3, 2023
Have a splashing good time with me in this historical hidden treasure known as Valley of the Moon. Prepare to get wet!
water wings.jpg
Water Wings are not a safe flotation device!
April 2019
Mermaid season (pool season) is upon us and we have to make sure that all kids stay safe.
water wings are able to slip off, kids sometimes cannot rotate on their back, and they 
deflate easily.
please take time to invest in a PFD (personal floation device) that is coast guard approved.
We recommend a coast guard approved life vest.
New Educational Show for Phoenix Comicon 2019!
April 29, 2017

Come see Mermaid Odette in her new show, "Fantasea Storytime". Explore the ocean with a mermaid and learn about the creatures of the deep. includes a small craft.


May 25&26th West 101ABC on Saturday from 4:30-5:30pm and Sunday from 3-4pm, Phoenix Convention Center

First Article of 2017!

Check out more about Mermaid Odette in the University of Arizona's newspaper, The Daily Wildcat! 

mermaid 101

Mermaid Tank shows!

Have access to the most unique show option we have! Have a mermaid swim and do tricks in a large tank so the audience can view the mermaid underwater!


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