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           How to Hire

        Mermaid Odette

Hiring is very simple and works like most other party entertainment. My prices are around the same and sometimes lower than other party entertainers in Tucson. There is five easy steps to hire me.


1. Email and explain your event

I need to know what you are wanting and I would also like to know your budget

what kind o​f event? party, photo shoot, Business opening, Theme park, aquarium, water park, art show, so many possibilities!

Do you want me to do anything special? I can do many things: Tell stories, make crafts with kids, swim for an audience, public speaking, teaching, acting, pool games, and many other talents. Don't be afraid to ask!

where is it located? I need the closest intersection to your house for an appropriate estimate.

how long? I work by the hour and need to know if i can book another gig on the same day so let me know what time and how long.

How many attending? 

For birthday parties, I need to know the name and  age of the boy or girl and what their favorite color is.

Once I determine everything for your party, I can send an estimate that tells you how much it costs. I'll then ask if you want to pay in full or just the deposit right now, then I can send the invoice. It's an hourly thing and I do expect you to pay for travel expenses and hotel if I'm not in your city or state at that time.(hotel only applies for events out of Tucson that lasts for more than one day) Your estimate can be $100 and up. I have coupons on my Facebook!


If traveling expenses are in order, I will need you to pay for these as early as possible rather through your invoice or independantly.The sooner, the cheaper it is.


You must make a deposit of 25% the total amount for your gig as soon as you get the estimate. The depositis due within 5 days. The deposit is used so I can reserve your party and no one else can take your time away even if they offer to pay me more. You can make your deposit through the invoice I send you through paypal. It accepts Master Card,American Express,Visa, and Discover cards if you don't have a Paypal account.

I will send a confirmation email that I have received your deposit and you are all set!

If you have to cancel your event, you will still not get the deposit back, but you can get the rest of the 75% back if you already paid in full or you can reschedule your same event for another day at the time of your cancellation.


4.Day of the event

I will come to your home at the time we specified so I have time to set up and change into my tail without any one seeing this transformation. I need to be paid the full amount before I change into a mermaid. I accept checks and cash or you can pay in full at the time of your deposit at paypal. I do have an assistant who comes and helps carry me and keep an eye on me in mermaid form. I can't walk so I need help with certain tasks.

When it's time to leave, I will need a place to change again so I can walk. I may be wet if it was a pool party so we may have to find another area for me to change. It will be easier to tell me where I can change from the pool so you don't have to worry about it later.

I will ask you to fill out a small survey on how you liked the performance. Please be honest and mention anything you enjoyed or dislliked. I love to improve to every customer's standards!

5. Enjoy yourself!!

Have fun! You have a swimming Mermaid at your event.Watch as everyone looks in amazement at a mythical creature coming to life in your pool or entertaining your kids in a chair with games and activities.This is where you can relax and enjoy yourself.Thank you for choosing Mermaid Odette as your party entertainment!

​Example: you tell me you have an event for however many hours you wish in the Tucson area for your corporate event. You want me to swim the whole time and talk to guests. The closest main intersection is Speedway and Tucson blvd. No props. I email you an estimate of $160. You use papyal and pay your deposit of $40 on that day or the next day. Your event time is now reserved. You decide to pay the rest of the estimate at the time of the event. I get to the location of the event and you pay me $120 by check before i change. I give you a receipt and a referral sheet to fill out before i leave and success!

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