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Mermaid Odette,

swimming mermaid


"I love what I do. I bring joy to people and inspire them to dream"

Mermaid Odette is Based in Tucson, AZ and works across the united states entertaining thousands every year working year- round to bring new innovative elements to the performance.


Hello everyone!,


Founded in 2009,I started to make tails out of fabric and tested my swimming abilities for the next few years. From then on,I have made two unique realistic tails and perfected my swimming abilities to be a more realistic myth.

The goal is to inspire children and peak their interest in ocean conservation, creativity, and following your dreams. Let's work together to light that spark!

​I am available for hire for many different events including commercial promotion to bring new customers to your business. There is nothing more enchanting and impressive than a real mermaid!

I look forward to answering any of your questions!


Mermaid Odette

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