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Mermaid Swim school
Private lessons will be available soon!

Many kids want to be a mermaid. Almost everyone has played "mermaids" in their pool as a kid. well, now you can actiually be one!

Classes are for ages 7+ and they must meet the requirements-

  • Float on their front and back

  • swim 50 meters on their own

  • tread water for 30 seconds

  • survival float

A Parent must be present at every lesson. 

A mermaid tail is available for rent only during the swim lesson session. We recommend these monofins and these tails to purchase for your kids 

Fin Fun

finis mermaid swim fin

mermaid linden monofin

Even after your child has passed the class does not mean they are now allowed to be in the pool alone unsupervised.Why? Theres still a chance they could exhaust themselves and panic or accidently swallowed too much water. It's extremely important to always watch your child. 

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