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Mermaid Odette is a swimmimg mermaid who entertains for all types of events in Tucson and the greater Arizona area.
























What is mermaid entertainment?

  • Swim with a mermaid at your birthday party

  • Have "live decor" at your next corporate event 

  • have a meet n greet at your next event 

  • bring in a larger audience to your business with Aquarium mermaids

  • have fun living the dream with mermaid swim school!

Mermaids and pirates are a long- loved characters for any event.

Mermaid Odette has performed for many business and organizations in Arizona such as:

Companies we've worked with

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Mermaid Odette is an Aquatic performer in Tucson,Arizona available for any event at reasonable prices


The swimming mermaid of Arizona

The Mermaid of the Sonaran Desert